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Habitat-Jardin 2012


I was invited to show off the work I had done in my house and garden and the various tips and tricks I had used along the way. The interview is below:

explain the design of the bamboo gate that continues the theme of bamboo that runs the perimeter of the house

  • I tried to respect the pure and simple lines of the house and to give it value by using “neutral colours” such as taupe and dark grey so that other elements would stand out.
  • I am inspired by oriental design – but again I use it as a basis for the design but I don’t go for the total minimalist look – although neither am I a maximalist!
  • Our living room was a long rectangle, but watching people, I realized they liked to group together – so I ended up zoning the room into two parts: a library corner and the main living area.
  • I don’t want a showroom – I want rooms were people feel at ease and comfortable without sacrificing elegance or sophistication.
  • The bedroom was designed in a dark grey because the colour set against the mountains just emphasises the fantastic view; at night it is an embracing and cosy colour.
  • The exterior garden hillside was planted with bamboo as their resilient movement in reaction to trains will interrupt the sound waves and minimize sound.
  • I try to be ecological and economical and had seen a large tube the builders left to waste, so we used it to make a tube slide for our kids in the garden.
  • I painted the colour of the house from white to a dark grey which compliments the green of the bamboo and sets off the surrounding countryside.
  • I also re-designed the roof of the house and removed parts of the balustrade to allow the bedrooms a full view of the lake and mountain views.
  • Finally a view of the pool – with no mention of our lovely “tarzan rope” for the kids to jump into!

 Feature in Tribune de Genève, 05 July 2011