Let’s Review Paint

Aujourd’hui nous allons parler des peintures

En Suisse j’ai trouvé le marche un peu limitée mais récemment elle s’ameliore

First of all you need to always specify what you are going to paint and where. i.e. you may want to paint an exterior wall or an interior door.
If you are painting outside – you should know that paint will not set properly in less than 5 degrees centigrade – so be extra careful during winter months to paint on the middle of a relatively warm day to ensure it sets right – or else you will face problems in the summer when the paint peels or wrinkles or falls off!

There are basic categories of paint you can get (and their rough French translation):
Mate – Matte – a flat shine paint that gives the least amount of reflection. These are used extensively today but have the disadvantage of showing up all the imperfections in your wall as well as all the grubby handprints that will eventually imprint!
Satinee – Emulsion – gives a sheen that brings in light and also hides imperfections. It is washable and more enduring than Matte paint. It is probably the most practical solution.
??? – Eggshell – There is another paint that is harder in non-boutique paints which offer a lower sheen paint (Eggshell in English) if you can find this it is a good compromise between Emulsion and Matte.
Laque (Brillante)- High Gloss – I would strongly advise against painting large surfaces in high gloss. The current European standards make it difficult to achieve the mirror like effect that one is striving for. Furniture or a small area can work though.

Solvent or Water based paints
Most solvent based paints are used for harder wearing purposes, such as woodwork. However, technology is improving to the point you can find water-based versions which are more ecological.

I am ignoring specialist paints for this posting but will address them later.

There are tons but apart from the Jumbo, Hornbach and Migros brands, you can also go to places like Getaz Romande and Challande and choose paint colours there and mixed for you. More up-market brands included Tradimur, Flammant and Farrow & Ball.