Bamboo in the Garden – 01Sep

While I work mainly with interiors, it is important to think of the outside as well. How will it reflect the house I am building or do I want a total contrast? Think of the inside and the outside like a husband and wife – they may be complementary or they may be quite different.

My house exterior has been painted in a dark grey so I wanted a refreshing permanent green outside my house (not the usual dark green hedges of thuya or laurel). Unbeknownst to me began the start of a love affair with bamboo.

4 years later I have well over 100 plants comprising 20+ species. I love bamboo because it is quite versatile. It is very hardworking (sometimes too much if you don’t watch out) and it remains green yearlong. I also love the different shapes and the shadows that the leaves make. They good look in profile and they look good face on. You can strip the leaves and leave the culms (stems) bare so you showcase their wonderful colours – or you can let them bush into a ‘huggable” bush.

On this issue, I talk to my friend and garden mentor, Hester MacDonald, from WRS Dig It! about my passion. This is an audio link to the WRS website:

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